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Sciwash Cloud system is software for car washes that serves as a useful instrument for washing automation and management as well as for provision of various support services for car owners such as oil change. Integration of the program shall boost the car wash operational capacity, contribute to frequent customers’ loyalty as well as constant inflow of new clients, ensure supervision of the staff and sound accounting of economic performance indicators, for purposes including making profit and price management etc.

How it works

Peculiarities of Car Wash Operation

At the moment, provision of car washing services is among the highly competitive economic activities. Unlike earlier, when almost any owner of such a business could make profit, nowadays, due to harsh competition (which is particularly typical for large cities), sound management and efficient methods of client attraction are becoming more impactful. Under such circumstances, a highly efficient automation system may become one of competitive advantages. Thus, the software specially designed for car washes can improve expenses control and price management for the services and ensure larger number of clients and higher revenue.

Without doubt, a special software program for operation automation and accounting of each vehicle that visited the wash cannot guarantee high economic results. There is a number of other significant issues apart from the mentioned software, including:

  • Qualifications and professionalism of staff serving the vehicle and its owner;
  • Pricing policy;
  • General quality of provided services;
  • Location.

However, all other factors being equal, currently, working with a special software for car washes and consistent usage of the system ensure a considerable competitive advantage. Thus, integration of the Sciwash Cloud system software provides the owner of the car wash with the opportunity to gain higher pay-off (revenue) and expect maximum satisfaction and loyalty of the clients, compete with other businesses not only through pricing but also through service quality etc.

What Does the Software for Car Washes Do?

Using automation software ensures more productive operation of the car wash at various levels. The special software provides the opportunity of task solving through simplification of work for operators, cashiers, accountants, managers etc. The functions of the Sciwash Cloud system software can be conveniently classified into two large groups:

  • Functions improving management of all business’ internal resources, i.e. human resources (staff), capital and financial resources (investible assets);
  • Functions improving interaction with clients, including both establishment of a client base containing data on car trademarks and models, and integration of loyalty systems (bonuses, discounts, VIP statuses etc.)

Integration of an automation mechanism capable of the mentioned would result in gaining higher revenue for the car wash. From the management point of view, the owner would get an efficient assistant for carrying out the following tasks:

  1. Client attraction. The car wash software itself does not “invite” car drivers to the wash. The program stimulates client inflow through other means. Using the software, every customer can be managed through filling in data about them and their car into the data base, and even a simplest discount system may be developed, considering that the mentioned marketing strategy is hardly used by any car washes nowadays. As a discount system, various accumulative or single-time discounts for the provided services may be introduced, as well as special bonus accounts etc. Implementation of such loyalty systems does not require any significant expenses while ensures considerable pay-off in the form of a larger number of new and frequent customers. As the result, usage of the software considerably contributes to revenue increase.
  2. Accounting and control. Sciwash Cloud system contributes to efficient car wash resources allocation. Through its use, it is easier to manage the financial inflow, consumables expenditure for the provided services (calculation is carried out based on both detergents and motor oils, and on electricity and water consumption, etc). The function of accounting and control minimizes the risks concerned with errors and rules out the possibility of price or works fraud by staff members. All services provided for a customer shall be registered in the software and may be sorted by a particular car, which also prevents conflicts between the car owner and the company staff.
  3. Analytics and planning. Working with Sciwash Cloud system software is easy and comfortable. Through the software reports, it is possible not only to gather operative data on the current activity (staff engagement, financial inflow, consumables reserve etc.) but also to plan future work. Data accumulation for analysis is automatically conducted by the software. As the result of such automation, a wise business owner may draw valuable conclusions regarding the operation: learn the car wash’s strengths and weaknesses, decide on price increase or reduction, figure out who of the staff or clients accounts for the largest income etc.
  4. Improvement of services quality and interactions with clients. Automation contributes to shorter time required for services provision while the quality of the services, simultaneously, is improved. The staff is freed from complicated calculations and the necessity to determine the services price, as these functions are delegated to the software. At the same time, the system ensures the required transparency for the clients. The software designed for car washes also simplifies the process of determination of the most and least productive employees, and through improvement of the staff’s professional performance capacity, makes the car wash business prosper.

Advantages of Our Software for Car Washes

Currently, most of car washes are only beginning to integrate automation mechanisms. Gas stations that provide supplementary services were among the first to use special software. They usually utilize special systems for car filling with gasoline and POS terminals in shops located at gas stations.

Among independent car washes, the number of those utilizing special software is smaller. This is partially due to the fact that sound and affordable for SME, easy to integrate, operate and manage software for car washes is rather rare.

For a business owner, the biggest expense in car washing is labor. Hourly rate in USA constantly increases. In NY and other states minimum hourly rate is $ 15 and constantly going up. One of the solution that Carwash industry came is Building Express Wash ( Mostly exterior wash) and use automated pay by KIOSK where customer will select only simple not expensive wash and pay by Credit card. This solution is popular on West Cost mostly because of not expansive land ( rural area). On East Cost specially in the Large Cities the Land is very expensive and to build Express wash is big investment.

Sciwash cloud system is the best solution for small independent enterprises who want to operate professionally in a car wash with a low investment.

The software ensures the following advantages for its users:

  1. Simplicity and comprehensiveness. Sciwash Cloud system is a mobile application for Android that is easy to install on a tablet or even a smartphone for management of the car wash through gathering of all information regarding its operation using the software. Launching requires no advanced user skills and takes minimum time to be used mostly for acquaintance with the software interface and functions.
  2. Guaranteed security. The software for car washes uses Amazon Cloud servers which ensures reliable, stable and secure operation. All program data are reliably protected, and the clients receive full support on any technical issues whatsoever.
  3. Full control even for a number of car washes. The software ensures online management of a single business or several branch businesses at different locations.
  4. Multi-tasking. Sciwash Cloud system’s automation mechanism ensures management of staff and their schedule, as well as improvement of client service. The software provides for numerous loyalty system options which allows to choose optimal solutions for each particular business owner.
  5. Simple integration with payment systems. The software for car washes ensures full automation of all interactions with car owners, starting from their arrival to the car wash and selection of services to be provided for them, and ending with payment. The software may be integrated with all most popular payment systems, including bank cards, Apple Pay etc.
  6. Free trial. The software may be acquired for trial without payment of its full price. For this, the application may be installed for acquaintance with its interface and functions.

Sciwash Cloud system car wash software is a cloud software consisting of three modules. They include the CarWashExpress system itself, used for provision of car washing services to car owners. Lube module is used for car maintenance: oil change or spare parts search by VIN code. The third essential element is the POS module for conduct of financial transactions, implementation of loyalty programs, establishment of client data bases with vehicles information etc.

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